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In the heart of River Park South, in South St. Vital, Winnipeg One Family Fitness Centre is the leader in community based fitness. We have the best trainers to help you achieve your goals. Our NO COMMITMENT contracts mean your not trapped with us. Every new member is enrolled in a FREE personal training consultation on signup. Take advantage of our kids room as we remove barrier to exercise.

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You want the best and we are here for you! Educated and experienced personal trainers to guide you towards your next goal. Sign up today and book your free personal trainer consultation!

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All our memberships are “NO COMMITMENT” meaning we don’t lock members in. All memberships are month to month and require 30 day cancellation notice via our cancellation form. We offer single, buddy and family membership packages as well as student, senior and veteran discounts.

This means that besides training clients, coaching small groups, doing running and lifting seminars, we also make sure that all of our members have some time to get to know each other.

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