5 Reasons Bootcamps Rock!

I recently read somewhere on social media that there is a crusade against bootcamps. Likely due to the proliferation of hundreds of different bootcamp companies that are coming in and dominating the niche. These companies usually come with really bad diet advice as well as forcing members to take drugs etc. There are lots of bad apples in the industry unfortunately, but lucky for us, they likely wont be around long. The main benefit of a bootcamp is it is a low barrier to entry for members of a fitness centre. We can get them introduced to basic weight and cardio training and then have them meet with coaches and trainers to progress to personal training. I will admit, bootcamps are not a standalone fitness option and are not a sustainable solo approach to fitness. They lack to many of the fundamentals required for long term progress and adherence. However in the short term, bootcamps are great tool! Here are 5 reasons bootcamps Rock!

1. They Make fitness fun!
Coaches make fitness fun! Bootcamp instructors tend to be high energy and high motivation, this make bootcamps easy motivators for new exercisers. Fitness can often be seen as a chore or as boring and bootcamps tend to spice things up and keep it fun. Change up your training today in a fun way with a bootcamp.

2. Easily tailored to beginners, something for everyone.
Bootcamps tend to be set as less technically and cognitively demanding. Simple exercises done in circuit mean they are useful and easy for beginners. Modifications can be made for pole with special needs, disabilities, etc. Or exercises can be made more challenging for advanced athletes.

3. Community, Support and accountability
With bootcamps you dont have to go at it alone. Accountability and support are important for initial and longterm success, peer support and a community feeling make people more likely to stick it out even if progress is slow or people dont enjoy it at first.

4. Simple structure, set times and can be done anywhere
Bootcamps are versatile, usually only requiring minimal equipment as well as ones own bodyweight, this means bootcamps can be done anywhere. Done outside in summer months before its too hot or in an A/C supported ftness centre. Bootcamps can go anywhere.

5. Low cost both financially and of required time investment.
The low cost of a FREE to a few dollars per class, usually sold in packages can make bootcamps appealing. Health and fitness tends to be low priority in most family budgets so the low cost is an easy way to get people to buy in and start to see the value of spending money on their health.

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