Do you ever find yourself struggling to get back into your routine after the holidays or a vacation? Not only that, but do you find it even harder to get yourself into the routine of eating better and exercising more on top of your regular routine? We have all been there and attempted to do that and I can relate to that as I have struggled to get back into the swing of things this New Year.

This past holiday season was amazing! We finally moved into our new home that we had spent months and months building and pouring hard work and stress into. We were able to spend time with family and appreciate it for the most wonderful gift it truly is and to top off the end of 2015 we celebrated the New Year in Cuba with close friends! So, coming back to reality and trying to get into the swing of my regular routine was not easy. School started a couple of days after we got back from our trip, boot camps were up and running that same week and we were still unpacking our lives into our new home. With everything going on, the idea of getting back into eating healthy and exercising more was not high up on my priority list. I am sure you can relate, whether it be the never-ending high demand (but most rewarding) job of being a parent or having the stress and demand of working all day and/or night. The reality of the situations we are in is that it leaves exercise and our nutrition or in other terms, our health at the bottom of the priority list and we may or may not have the energy or time left to get to it. However, I know how great it feels and how much more energy it provides us with when we balance our lives with exercise and good nutrition. For myself, running 3 boot camp classes a week as my job makes it easier for me than for most people to get my exercise in, but in order to see the full potential of that hard work I’m putting into the boot camp workouts pay off, I have to start fuelling my body with the good, whole foods that my body deserves. I know it may not be easy to find a way to get the exercise in but I always say, if there is a will then there is a way!

Ask yourself these questions:

· Should I be following the Canada Food Guide?

· How many calories should I be eating?

· What the heck are macros?

· Is drinking coffee the same as drinking water?

· How are abs made in the kitchen?

· Are donuts healthy?

Are you unsure about any (or all) of the questions above? Are you that person who actually thinks donuts are healthy? I mean they are delicious and we should always be able to indulge in a donut every now and then. But I hate to break it to you, donuts are not nutrient rich foods that will help reveal our abs. Reality of eating healthy is that we know what real food is, we just need to start eating more of it and less of the junk that we are putting into our bodies.

So, here are some of my best tips for eating better and exercising better for you to try in 2016:

1.) Mentally Prepare: Sometimes the best thing we can do is come up with a mantra to make a positive impact on our goals! Or put sticky notes up on your mirror reminding you of the goals you want to achieve and set an alarm in your phone to go off every few hours reminding you of those goals.

“Today I will drink more water and less coffee or juice”
“Pack a healthy lunch” “Take out food for dinner tonight”
“Boot camp tonight!”
– Simple reminders like these that we start our day off with and remind ourselves of throughout the day will not only plant the seed of your goal but also water the seed to help if come to life!

2.) Pencil yourself in: You have to make time for your health! Whether it be planning out your meals or scheduling in a couple of workouts, they all require that you make time for it. We all have goals but if we don’t work towards them, which requires us making time to work on them, then we won’t achieve them.
Plan a workout with a friend or coworker.
Come to one of my boot camp classes in St.Adolphe!
Take your dog(s) for walk every morning and evening.
Plan your lunches and dinners – and prep them if you can.
3.) Plan for it: Having a plan of action to accomplish your health and fitness goals is vital! Without planning it is easy to get side tracked and push your goals to the bottom of the priority list. Make sure you’re doing this for you and not for anyone else and it will be easier for you to stay motivated and stick to your plan. Everything is easier when you plan for it, so why not do it for your health!

4.) It’s about Balance: When it comes to eating healthy it is important to not deprive yourself because that can lead to unhealthy habits like binge-eating. You should also enjoy what you’re doing because if you hate it you’re less likely to stick with it. I follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of the time I eat all the healthy, good foods that my body deserves and 20% of the time I enjoy all the other stuff! It’s about balance!

5.) Patience is a Virtue: The ability to wait for your results will be valuable to your health and fitness goals. Good things take time and hard work, so unfortunately your results won’t come overnight. However, with patience, you will see them! This is why tip #1 is so helpful with keeping you on track with your goals!

6.) Drink Smarter: Try drinking more water and less of everything else. Drinking more water will give you more energy, it will flush out bacteria and waste from your body, help you lose weight and perform better! There are many benefits to drinking more water, so try setting this as a goal for 2016! One helpful tip is to carry around a water bottle with you everywhere you go!

7.) Be SMART about it: When making your goals try to be SMART about it!

Specific – clearly define your goal
Measureable – Try to chart and/or document your progress.
Attainable – believe that you can attain your goal, because if you don’t believe it you probably wont do it.
Realistic – Set realistic but challening goals.
Timely – Have a timeline for your goals! Maybe you want to run a 5k in the near future. If you don’t have a timeline it is easy to fall of course with your goals!
I hope these tips help you with your healthy and fitness goals in 2016! If you are interested in trying out a boot camp or have any other health and fitness questions, please send me an email;

Stay happy & healthy!
Jen Berg – One Family Fitness Centre