As of August 1, We are now accessible to kids 8 years of age and up! Proud to be the only facility insured for kids this age. One of our many goals it to make fitness more accessible to families.

Kids are included in our family membership (2 adults + 2 kids 17 and under). Additional cost for adult kids or extra kids.

We will also be able to offer offseason, pre season and in season strength and conditioning programs for young athletes ages 8-12, 12-15, 16-18years. If you’re interested in this programming let us know below!

Facility rules;
Children 8-15 must have a parent/guardian present at all times.
All new kids are required to attend a free introductory personal training session with one of our trainers, for kids we will cover; warm up, stretching, safety, hydration, tips, bodyweight exercise, cardiovascular fitness and cool-down as well as general equipment use and cleaning.
Please be courteous of other members, kids are encouraged to be brought outside of peak hours. Kids are not allowed after 10pm or before 6am.

There are no “kids only” memberships as parents are required to be present during a kids workout, and getting the whole family active together is our mission.

We still have the kids room for kids not wanting to workout as well as kids ages 2-12. Parents can workout while kids read, play, do homework etc. But are included in the families regular fitness routine.

Any questions or to tour or inquire contact us at info@onefamilyfitness.com or visit us at 2 Britannica Rd.

Back to school, Back to fitness! Join our family today! 24 hours 24-7 access, free consultation for all new members.