Personal Training

Personal Training

Winnipeg’s Best Personal Trainers

Guaranteed Success with our trainers

Current studies have provided compelling positive feedback which shows that:
Weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increases a client’s ability to move up through the stages of physical fitness. Overall, 60% of participants moved up one stage while 13% moved up two stages over a 10-week period.

Personal training significantly impacts cardiovascular and muscle strength. Training loads, peak power output and fat free mass were all increased to a greater extent among clients working with personal trainers compared to those who worked out unsupervised

With the best personal trainers we have an unparalleled commitment to enhancing the fitness and well-being of our members and while we have hundreds of success stories in our over 30 years of combined experience, our next great success story could be you!

What Personal Training is All About?

The majority of our members will work one on one or in a small group with a trainer at some point in their journey. You will develop skills and habits you’ll keep with you for life.

This means that working with a trainer not only overwhelmingly improved your odds of success, it guarantees you will stick to your fitness and health goals for life.

These are the types of personal training that we offer:

  • 1-on-1 Private
  • Buddy/Couples
  • Parents and Kids
  • Small Group/Semi-Private
  • Marathons/Run Training
  • Monthly Check-ins

Our Coaches


“Dino is definitely the best personal trainer in Winnipeg. He made the process simple enough to follow and I am so impressed with his knowledge and experience of personal training. He also provides honest opinions about my personal fitness goals. He is a great coach I can trust.”

Lorri Liu

“The moment I walked in I felt at home. This fitness centre is not intimidating, there is always someone to help when I am unsure of how to use the equipment, everyone is friendly, and makes you feel at home. The trainers are great, each has their own style and personality, so there is someone…

Nicole Dupere

“One Family Gym is a great place to work out! If you want to take your fitness to the next level they have personal trainers that can develop a plan to have you excel in more ways then you thought possible. Their personal trainers are very skilled and can teach you everything you need to…

Donna Ladan